We’ve all heard the term “skinny fat” — but what exactly does that mean? Simply put it’s someone who while skinny has little to no lean muscle. Open any fashion magazine and sadly many fitness magazines and you’ll see plenty of this body-type. For years it was the epitome of the “perfect body” women wanted nothing more than to have a thigh gap, see their collar bones or even worse be able to touch their index finger to their thumb when wrapped around their ankle,

In recent years, thank the Lord, there has been a shift in what’s important in terms of health and fitness. Women are less and less focused on being skinny and more focused on “being fit”. Obviously this term has different meanings for different people (CrossFitters, Bodybuilders, Runners etc) but one thing remains constant. Strength training is FINALLY getting the recognition it deserves.

But why? What makes strength training so great?

It’s a myth that muscle weighs more than fat – a pound is a pound is a pound. BUT muscle is more dense meaning that one pound of muscle takes up dramatically less SPACE in the human body than fat. Which is why it is entirely possible to gain weight (especially at the beginning of a program) but lose inches overall.

Additional Benefits:
– muscle burns more calories at rest than fat
– strength training prevents bone and muscle loss as you age (after puberty you lose roughly 1% of bone/muscle strength each year)
– helps improve balance, coordination and posture
– can assist in controlling glucose levels, decreasing arthritic pain & lowers risk of osteoporosis
– boost your mood and energy levels
– helps you sleep more soundly

All that being said, why WOULDN’T you strength train? Is there anything that has held you back in the past? What hurdles have you faced that you aren’t sure how to overcome? Leave those comments below!


Christy and Rachael